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JCAD software is used by more than 1,700 people in the fields of construction contracting, planning, earthworks, and MEP. We are proud to present a few of them here.

The construction industry

During one day, you learn the basics – it's not a long learning curve.

The changes coming to the project are easy to calculate with the software. This way, we constantly keep the correct quantities updated," says project manager Conny Finne.

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Modern architecture as background pictureHVAC

The tightening competitive situation demands more precise bids

According to our guys, one of the best aspects of the software is that by drawing lines, you can see in real-time what you have calculated, and interruptions do not interfere.

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Modern architecture as background pictureFacade renovation

Thanks to the software, we can offer more projects

"The greatest benefit is that we can offer more projects," says the project manager, whose company's motto includes the keywords experience, quality, and expertise.

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Modern architecture as background pictureBuilding

“You can quickly calculate the supplies needed for a project and don't waste time on anything unnecessary.”

Citytilat Oy is a company building warehouses and halls, operating mainly in the regions of Oulu and Rovaniemi.

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Modern architecture as background pictureHVAC

“It is our principle to only use the best software in the field.”

Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka calculates around a hundred projects a year using the JCAD software. Pauli Annola, who is responsible for calculating the offers, doesn’t need to think long when he is asked about the best aspects of JCAD.

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Modern architecture as background pictureElectrical installation

Precision is crucial when operating on narrow profit margins

Heikkula has experience in calculations on paper as well. He provides a concrete example of how JCAD's calculation compares to traditional methods.

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Modern architecture as background pictureRoof renovation

“The exact price for an offer in a just a few clicks.”

Who doesn’t appreciate clear pricing. With JCAD, Suomen Huopakatto can provide an exact offer and one price instead of unit pricing based on square metres.

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Modern architecture as background pictureHVAC

Material quantity calculations are no longer dependent on one person.

“Just yesterday, I calculated the plumbing renovation of a 48-unit apartment building from the boiler room to the last apartment in just 1.5 hours, and this was calculated to the accuracy of the last nail.”

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