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Placeholder poster0:30
Creating a project 0:30
Placeholder poster0:49
Importing images 0:49
Placeholder poster0:41
Checking the scale 0:41
Placeholder poster0:54
Correcting the scale 0:54
Placeholder poster1:20
Measuring by area 1:20
Placeholder poster1:11
Measuring by line 1:11
Placeholder poster1:00
Measuring by piece 1:00
Placeholder poster1:48
Measuring using templates 1:48
Placeholder poster1:26
Using blocks 1:26
Placeholder poster0:48
Creating reports 0:48
Placeholder poster0:56
Using layers 0:56
Placeholder poster0:48
Editing measurments 0:48
Placeholder poster1:00
Editing measurments 2 1:00
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