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Precision is crucial when operating on narrow profit margins

Heikkula has experience in calculations on paper as well. He provides a concrete example of how JCAD's calculation compares to traditional methods.

Sahe-Sähkö, established in 1989 in Finland, is an electrical contractor primarily engaged in residential construction. Additionally, the company undertakes projects in commercial spaces and public locations, covering a range from new construction to renovations.

Arttu Heikkula, responsible for the company's calculations, summarizes JCAD’s benefits with two points.

 – The ease of calculation and time savings.

Heikkula has experience in manual calculations on paper and provides a concrete example of how JCAD compares to traditional methods.

– With JCAD, you can calculate the estimation for a multi-story residential project in one day. Using traditional methods, it would take two days for the calculation. This allows us to submit more bids with fewer hours. This becomes crucial when multiple bids come in a short period, Heikkula explains.

– There is also time saved in transferring information to the bidding software. With traditional methods, data needs to be entered manually. There is also a significant difference in the number of work stages and the monotony of the work, Heikkula continues.

– Moreover, errors decrease, and it's easy to resume calculations after an interruption. With the software, you can clearly see where you left off in the calculation process, concludes Heikkula.

According to Heikkula, the tightened situation in the construction industry is reflected in the precision of calculations.

– It's necessary to calculate precisely when operating on narrow profit margins.

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The changes coming to the project are easy to calculate with the software. This way, we constantly keep the correct quantities updated," says project manager Conny Finne.

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The tightening competitive situation demands more precise bids

According to our guys, one of the best aspects of the software is that by drawing lines, you can see in real-time what you have calculated, and interruptions do not interfere.

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