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The tightening competitive situation demands more precise bids

According to our guys, one of the best aspects of the software is that by drawing lines, you can see in real-time what you have calculated, and interruptions do not interfere.

Isokouvola Ltd, established in 1995, operates in the plumbing sector in Finland. The company specializes in pipeline renovations and public sector properties, including schools and daycare centers.

The team consists of about twenty installers, led by supervisors Mikko Luostarinen and Juhani Väinölä.

The responsibilities of these gentlemen include supporting the installers, material-quantity calculation, preparing bids, and acquiring new projects.

Particularly, bid calculation consumes a significant portion of their work time.

– Annually, we submit well over two hundred bids, and there is a considerable amount of calculation involved. However, the calculation itself is unproductive work until the bid is accepted, says Luostarinen.

Calculating project estimates typically requires several days of hard work.

– If the workdays are efficient, even a larger project can be estimated in 3-4 workdays.

How has the intensified competitive situation affected the bidding process?

– Nowadays, we certainly make more precise bids. And using the software allows for more accurate calculations, says Väinölä.

Luostarinen appreciates the usability of the software and mentions that he has always received assistance whenever needed.

– Remote training has also been beneficial when you can see on the screen what needs to be done.

The guys highlight the software's advantages, particularly the real-time visualization of calculations by drawing lines, minimizing disruptions.

– Saving time means, above all, that the CEO is satisfied, Luostarinen says, laughing.

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“It is our principle to only use the best software in the field.”

Pohjanmaan Talotekniikka calculates around a hundred projects a year using the JCAD software. Pauli Annola, who is responsible for calculating the offers, doesn’t need to think long when he is asked about the best aspects of JCAD.

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Modern architecture as background pictureHVAC

Material quantity calculations are no longer dependent on one person.

“Just yesterday, I calculated the plumbing renovation of a 48-unit apartment building from the boiler room to the last apartment in just 1.5 hours, and this was calculated to the accuracy of the last nail.”

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