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“The exact price for an offer in a just a few clicks.”

Who doesn’t appreciate clear pricing. With JCAD, Suomen Huopakatto can provide an exact offer and one price instead of unit pricing based on square metres.

Suomen Huopakatto Oy makes roofs for new projects and roof renovations mainly for housing associations in North Ostrobothnia. The company employs 14 permanent installers. This number almost doubles in summer.

CEO Henri Honkonen, who has been active in the company for six years, says that his working day consists of calculating bids for new properties, sales, and making purchase invoices, among other things. He states that planning has been the key factor behind his company's growth. It is also good to understand the financial side.

“For new sites, our customers are construction companies.” According to Henri, “with the help of the JCAD software, it is possible to give an accurate price estimate for a call for bids based on PDF images. The square metre amount and the height of the roof affect the price the most.” 

What is the biggest benefit of the JCAD software?

– The quicker calculation of bids and the certainty that we know what is being priced, answers Honkonen.

– There is no need to give estimated prices, because it is possible to give the exact price straightaway. This is also a good service for our customers.

With JCAD, you can give the total price right away, because it is easy to calculate surface areas with only a few clicks. However, unit pricing is still used in new projects.

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The construction industry

During one day, you learn the basics – it's not a long learning curve.

The changes coming to the project are easy to calculate with the software. This way, we constantly keep the correct quantities updated," says project manager Conny Finne.

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The tightening competitive situation demands more precise bids

According to our guys, one of the best aspects of the software is that by drawing lines, you can see in real-time what you have calculated, and interruptions do not interfere.

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